Why MapleStory is Losing Popularity


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I think MapleStory is a great MMORPG, if not one of the best games ever. But like every work of art, there is no such thing as perfection in this world. Feel free to talk about your own opinions of this game. As long as you're polite about it and respectful I have no qualms with a disagreement but should I detect a single bit of hostility, I will delete the comments.

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Published 5 days ago

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  • Zeliwat 5 days ago

    I think he's right about killing content that created community.. nowdays you only party for PQs. I think that a daily limited PQ for 200-250 would be nice. MS is a solo game now

    Mapler 5 days ago

    @Zeliwat I don't think they should've killed Monster Carnival PQ. That PQ was so fun, I remember some people would just stay under level 50 forever just so they can PQ all day long. Would be cool if they brought it back and raised it to allow higher levels with stronger monsters.