MapleStory Nova: Cadena Level 1-200 in 3hrs 35mins!


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This is my first time power leveling a character in MapleStory with such a short amount of time with my friend. Equipment are all Epic potential with some 6%, some 9% LUK and mostly are 17 Star Enhanced. Buffs used are 2x Union EXP, 2x EXP Coupon, Monster Park Potions, EXP Accumulation Potion, Holy Symbol, Kishin. 1 player controlling Cadena, 1 player controlling Bishop and Kanna.

• Faction: Nova
• Class: Thief
• Main Stat: LUK
• Weapon: Energy Chain (1 Handed)
• Secondary Weapon: Weapon Transmitter
• Maple Union Attacker Unit Member Effects: LUK +20/40/60/80/100
• Link Skill: At Lv2, deals extra damage to foes weaker than you. Attacks against weaker opponents deal +6% damage. Attacks against monsters afflicted by Abnormal Statuses deal +6% damage.

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• Skill Cancellation DPS Combo:
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• Cadena Town - Savage Terminal:
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