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Jencast - An explanation of's removal 3    0

We sat down with the creator of to get the full story on why it was shut down. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments or Tweet us. Thanks for watching! Keith - https://t...

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Why MapleStory is Losing Popularity 1    2

I think MapleStory is a great MMORPG, if not one of the best games ever. But like every work of art, there is no such thing as perfection in this world. Feel free to talk about your own opinions of th...

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MapleStory Lv200 PALADIN!! Hammeerr! 0    0

Few weeks ago, there was a Burning event, so I leveled a new character for Maple Union. Just having fun with...

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Maplestory Cubing Arcane Umbra Axe 0    0

With double miracle time around, I finally got a chance to cube my arcane umbra axe! Really happy with the r...

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Maplestory Reboot Dual Blade Normal Lotus Solo 0    0

Maplestory Reboot Dual Blade Normal Lotus Solo choked last stage but whatevers

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[Reboot] Maplestory - Evan Chaos Zakum Solo 0    0

I haven't uploaded in a long while, but here's me soloing Chaos Zakum (Post-Revamp) in Maplestory.

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Maplestory - Reboot Fire Poison Mage solo Chaos Horntail 0    0

One annoying boss for FP due to Poison always land on the ground while DoT punisher only love to target the ...

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Maple Story Heroes vs Pianus [ dray86 ] 0    0

Songs: Lost Prophets - Untitled Instrumental Breaking Benjamins - Blow Me Away Breaking Benjamins - The Diary of Jane Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes PLEASE NOTE: I do not claim ownership of ...

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WHY I'm Getting Rid of my Equips... [MapleStory] 0    0

In my Wind Archer's FINAL Equipment Video, I made the assumption that my viewers didn't care to hear...

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MapleStory Ark vs Root Abyss Bosses 0    0

MapleStory Ark vs Root Abyss Bosses (Normal) :: 메이플스토리 아크 보스 루타비스 (노말) :: KM...

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MapleStory Nova: Illium Level 1-200 in 2hrs 58mins! 0    0

OVERVIEW: This is my second time power leveling a character in MapleStory with such a short amount of time w...

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MapleStory: Wind Archer & Dark Knight Duo Lucid!! 0    0

Getting free Lucid carry by my boy FluffyPrime :') DOMINATE that LIKE button if you want to see a SOLO f...

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Final Thoughts on Cadena - MapleStory GMS 0    0

Hey guys! It's time for another Cadena video. It took me way too long, but I finally hit 4th job. I wanted to talk a little bit about my thoughts so far on Cadena. Very enjoyable class. Thanks so ...

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[Global MapleStory] Illium shoots crystals at a ball 0    0

Don't know what I'm doing. Global MapleStory v191.2 © 2017 NEXON Korea Corp. and NEXON America Inc. All Rights Reserved

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MapleStory Nova: Cadena Level 1-200 in 3hrs 35mins! 0    0

Start your journey: OVERVIEW: This is my first time power leveling a character in MapleStory with such a short amount of time with my friend. Equipment are all Epic poten...

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