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MapleStory - The Real Journey: Lesser Evil [Ep01] 0    0

Kicking off our new "Let's Play" type series for MapleStory which I like to call "the Real Journey"! It's a series where I embark on...

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MapleStory Ark Progress: Level 210 (Pre-5th Job Progress Rep... 0    0

in this video i talk about my goals i had set for before the 5th job patch and i do a quick little run through of normal root abyss. -- Join The Discord!: Follow on Twitc...

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Maplestory Tot's Know-How *FREE NX ITEMS* 0    0

Maplestory Tot's Know-How *New System* In this video I explain step by step how to receive free rewards from tot's know-how. Tot's know-how was a system that started after Maplestory Big Bang, that f...

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MapleStory Dark Knight in Spirit Savior (17500) 0    0

GMS has just released spirit savior and i wanted to show you guys what doing this as much as i possibly could for 5 months got me to. My first days of this were rough just like everyone elses were...

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MapleStory Ark Equipment Overview + January Plans 0    0

my body is ye -- Join The Discord!: Follow on Twitch for Upcoming Livestreams!:

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[MapleRoyals] - SoAlive - Job Advancement Dragon Knight 0    0

The intro to this video glitched, i'm to lazy to re-render the video. Check out for more maplestory videos. Subscribe

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MapleStory: My New Bera Main, Reboot, & PICK MY CLASS!! 0    0

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope YOU guys can help me choose a new class for a NEW series of mine that will be on the channel. Leave a comment below to help decide my fate ~ STAY CALM & MAP...

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[Global MapleStory] Illium shoots crystals at a ball 0    0

Don't know what I'm doing. Global maplestory v191.2 © 2017 NEXON Korea Corp. and NEXON America Inc. All Rights Reserved

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