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Maplestory Reboot: Cubing with 2b | #ROADTORIGHTEOUSNESS EP ... 0    0

cubing with 2b | #ROADTORIGHTEOUSNESS EP 3 In this video I show you all how to cube for main stat on your weapon. I am a Kanna, so in this video I cube 2 Utguard fans with around 2b cubes. IF YOU...

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Maplestory Reboot: Cubing AbsoLab Shoulder 0    0

Maplestory Reboot: cubing AbsoLab Shoulder In this video I show you all how to cube an AbsoLab Shoulder to achieve the proper line. Depending on your class, you may want to focus on a different mai...

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Meister Cubing Heart | Project Ark | Axgunner | Maplestory 0    1

Recently got meister level smithing. Trying to tier up my gear. I sort of see why people get addicted to puchasing NX and cubing there equips now... It's literally the biggest gamble. LMFAO Serve...

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Maplestory Reboot: Cubing Horntail Necklace for % Drop! 0    0

cubing Horntail necklace for % drop! In this video I show you all how to cube a horntail necklace in order to get the desired % drop rate prime line. Max drop rate in Maplestory as of now is 300%, in...

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Maplestory Reboot: Cubing Ghost Ship Exorcist Badge 0    0

Maplestory Reboot: cubing Ghost Ship Exorcist Badge I have received many questions about what cubing is, how to cube, what to use to cube with and what to cube for. The Ghost Ship badge is the best ...

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MapleStory 82 Purple Cube VS Emblem for 3line stats 0    0

Purple Cube are also known as Meister Cube in GMS. Was trying to get 3 lines of good stats but i guess didnt really work well in the end.

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Maplestory Cubing Arcane Umbra Axe 0    0

With double miracle time around, I finally got a chance to cube my arcane umbra axe! Really happy with the r...

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