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[MapleSEA] 5th Job Night Lord Daily Bosses 0    0

After what it seems like ages, I finally decided to release another video :D 1:23 - Normal Zakum 4:39 - Normal Horntail 6:49 - Chaos Horntail 10:31 - Normal Root Abyss (Crimson Queen) 11:16 - N...

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Maplestory: Ice Lightning Mage 5th Job Skill Testing 0    0

Finally! 200 on my Ice Lightning Mage!!! Wooo!! Time to use Ice Age and destroy some maps!! YAY!! Remember to Like, Comment, and Subscribe! Twitch: Instagram: h...

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So you wanna be a Mechanic 0    0

The Mechanic class is like Batman, give it time to set up it's tools, and it's a really good bossing and mobbing class. I wanted to start a series of videos showcasing classes in all job advancement...

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MapleStory Lv220 Cadena Bossing Montage 0    0

bossing montage on one of the most difficult job to control. Cadena bossing with Cancellation Skills. OVERVIEW: 00:00 - Intro 02:18 - Chaos Horntail 02:51 - Hard Hilla 03:01 - Normal Cygnus (2x ...

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MapleStory - Phantom Hellux Solo 0    0

Meu Main Phantom Solando Hellux. Coisa chata s2 6m de range buffado. Muitos erros e 1 acerto ( sua morte)

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MapleStory :: Ark Bossing at Lv150 (KMS v290.1) 0    0

Some Ark bossing at lv150 (without 170 hyper yet). I still need to work on my control of the class, especially in Lef mode, some parts of the boss runs I wasn't too happy about, but enjoy the video an...

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MapleStory - Solando Boss Hilla Hard 0    0

É um boss fácil com pouco HP, mas quando ela te prende é chato de mais.

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MapleStory : Hell Magnus ONE BIND KILL 0    0

MapleStory : Hell Magnus ONE BIND KILL Hard Magnus Guild : Prepaid IGN : user Guild carry weekly bossing

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Maplestory Reboot: How to get Blackgate Rings 0    0

Maplestory Reboot: How to get Blackgate Rings In this video, I explain the step-by-step process in getting a Blackgate ring in Maplestory. There are many methods to getting your very own blackgate ri...

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Maplestory: 5th Job Hero Skill Testing 0    0

Just got my Hero to 5th Job! Woohoo! Time to test out the skills and see how much damage I do! Remember to Like, Comment, and Subscribe! Twitch: Instagram: https://ww...

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5th Job Mechanic Training in Clocktower 0    0

Not going to be that much exp all the time considering doomsday device has a cooldown, but won't be too far off when it's on cooldown considering heavy salvo and homing missile will kill whatever the ...

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[Maplestory] Mechanic Tips and Tricks 0    0

Hi, I thought I could offer some insight on this class in case anyone is interested. Mechanics are in no way a straightforward class, and I feel like a lot of people are quick to judge it harshly. ...

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