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MapleStory 82 Purple Cube VS Emblem for 3line stats 0    0

Purple Cube are also known as Meister Cube in GMS. Was trying to get 3 lines of good stats but i guess didnt really work well in the end.

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MapleStory WildHunter Post Nova Solo Lotus 0    0

Well i accidentally forgotten to press the record button during phase 1 and only started the video recording when phase 2 started XD. will do another proper recording of me solo Lotus again in the nea...

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MapleStory WildHunter Arcana Daily Spirit Savior 9K 0    0

This is me trying out the Arcana Daily spirit savior as wild hunter. The current best score i got was 9k in this video. i believe after some practices and getting used to getting 10k + per run is pos...

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